Posted August 22, 2012 by Mistress DragonLily in 3 Day Access Pass

#070 “Syd Blakovich” rd 2

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Details: 44 images

Syd Blakovich: S3 Rd 2-someone mentioned to me that I’m missing a great deal of my earlier matches, this one in particular.

This is the US write up: “With 15 matches under her belt, 17 submissions, and zero shame points this season, Dragon takes on the upstart Nightmare. The Nightmare is ruthless. If you wrestle her and lose, you pay the price in RD4. The Dragon is ranked #2 and is one of US’s premiere wrestlers. However the Nightmare is unnatural. The Dragon pays the ultimate price for defeat, a RD4 she will soon not forget!” UltimateSurrender.com

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