Posted November 13, 2013 by Mistress DragonLily in Updates

#087 : Nov 11, 2013 “Mellanie ‘The Cowgirl’ Monroe-S7:R2”


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The Dragon is back and pissed off. Someone on the boards said she didn’t have the aggressiveness of other wrestlers. What most members don’t know is that the Dragon has many speeds and she adjusts them for her competition. If she goes balls out on a new girl the chances that the new girl comes back is next to nothing. However, because one of you “doesn’t get it” Dragon went balls out in the first round to prove a point. She then eased up a bit so there would be something left to fuck in the final round. The Dragon is to be feared!

Mellanie Monroe is a hot MILF with great natural tits, and booming body. Mellanie was in the wrong place at the wrong time…. But it’s all about experience and Mellanie will be a better wrestler for it.

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