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2018 January Previews

#343 January 5

Foot Fetish and Jerk Off Instruction Video – It’s time to moisturize DragonLily’s legs and feet. It’s a Pussy Foot Lotion Up Extravaganza!

DragonLily lathers her body up in lotion as she’s desperately in need of it. She puts so much on her feet that the creamy lotion build up between her toes and creases of her soles make her think about you wanting to put your dick between her feet. So you know what time it is don’t you? PUSSY FOOT SANDWICH! Get your dick between DragonLily’s super tight slit of a pussy foot sandwich and listen to her instruct you on how best to stroke that cock, fuck her pussy foot and blow that load!

#344 January 12

Pantyhose Fetish – DragonLily vs Olivia Rose.
Features: leg scissors, breath play, hand over mouth, test of strength

#345 January 19

Sumo Catfight/Wrestling Custom Match – DragonLily vs Tomiko

Featuring: competitive wrestling, face slapping, body punches, leg scissors, hair pulling and wedgies.

#346 January 27

If you’re truly submissive to this ASS, you’ll do anything to please me. You’ll buy me all the pretty presents that I desire. You’ll not just buy one of them, you’ll buy at least 2 of everything for me. I know you’re drooling. What are you waiting for? Go get me my presents! Go do it now before I put you away for good! Go be my little bitch. Empty your bank account and buy me pretty things!