Posted October 14, 2016 by Mistress DragonLily in Members Area

#332 : Oct 14, 2016 “Wrestling Teddy Joel in a Scissor Demolition Match”

Wrestling Scissorholds – In this scissorhold custom DragonLily has been asked to perform as many scissorholds as possible on her cuddly opponent Teddy Bear Joel. It's quite a one-sided show but Teddy Bear Joel doesn't mind one bit.



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Runtime= 20:33 | File Types= MP4
Custom Video – Wrestling Scissors

Teddy Bear Joel is a piece of cake! Joel comes into this match all stuffy and fluffy but leaves as a squishy weak at the neck mess. Over and over DragonLily demolishes Joel! DragonLily crushes Teddy Bear Joel with scissor hold after scissor hold. DragonLily’s crushingly effective scissor holds are simply too much for Teddy Bear Joel to withstand. Watch and enjoy as DragonLily’s powerful legs deliver a beating to a once adorable Teddy Bear Joel.

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