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#370 : Jul 20, 2018 “Prove Yourself Worthy For DragonLily’s Perfect Feet Custom”

Foot Fetish – DragonLily knows you want her feet so you'll have to perferm perfectly so that she'll indulge in your every foot fetish fantasy.



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Foot Fetish – DragonLily knows you want her feet so you’ll have to perferm perfectly so that she’ll indulge in your every foot fetish fantasy.

So you want a chance to worship my feet…

You think you’re actually worthy of actually touching, smelling, kissing, licking, sucking my perfect feet. You must prove yourself to me. Watch as I tease you walking inches away from you while you build up a pool of drool in anticipation for my perfect feet. Watch as my beautiful feet walk around. You see my high arches? They’re perfect! You think that you can fit all of you these toes in your mouth. Let me try it. I will open up your mouth and see just how many toes you can fit in your mouth. Prove that you can take my entire foot in your mouth. Go on and suck my big toe like a lollipop! Open up and please me with your tongue.

If you do a good job and prove to me that you’re worthy of my perfect feet in your mouth, you’ll be given a small reward. You will get a countdown to stroke your cock to both my command and my feet. You have from 10-1 and you will blow your load on command. Blow your load on my feet so that I can feed your cum right back to you.

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