Posted November 21, 2012 by Mistress DragonLily in 3 Day Access Pass

#083 : Nov 21, 2012 “Dana DeArmond”

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Oh poor Dana DeArmond “The Jester” is continues to get her pussy handed to her by Dragon’s lovely finger fucking skills.  Dragon maintains control throughout this 3rd round of lesbian wrestling all the while racking up on those style points.  Dragon makes Dana DeArmond her personal pussy worshipping fool whenever she gets the mount, taking full advantage of her dominant position over her opponent.  Dragon transitions smoothly from control hold to the next outstanding hold always exposing Dana DeArmond’s pussy to more sexual finger fucking attacks.  Dana DeArmond may be known as the internet’s girlfriend but on this day, this round, this match, she was nothing more than Dragon’s personal sex play toy to wipe the mats with.

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