Posted November 14, 2012 by Mistress DragonLily in 3 Day Access Pass

#082 : Nov 14, 2012 “Dana Dearmond”

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This match was never shared here on dragonlily.net before now.  The match actually took place several seasons ago but as I’m going back through the archives, I’ve been told I’ve missed many matches that are worth sharing so I’m now playing catch up.  I basically used Dana DeArmond as a finger puppet earning tons of style points on her lovely ass since her wrestling just wasn’t on my level.  Like all UltimateSurrender.com matches, this match was not scripted.  We wrestled for 3 rounds, however this is the 2nd round set and in true “Dragon” form, I’m stuffing her pussy with my digits and I later exploit a common chick weakness in her upper body by crossing her arms over her chest, pulling her wrists tightly down to the mat, in such an easy looking pin.  I put my face in between her legs, knowing that she’d tried to fight out of her pin, I burried my tongue deep in her pussy and kept trying to work an orgasm out of Dana.

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