Posted January 28, 2014 by Kelley Maren in Guest Tour

Jan 28, 2014 “Oh the weather outside is weather…”

Dear Diary Readers,

“Oh the weather outside is weather…” Every time someone sings that from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” I get a huge smile or chuckle; it is a simple trigger of instant happiness for me.

I wish I could be home in the islands right now enjoying the warmth of my native waters in the Pacific Ocean. HEY PACIFIC! I MISS YOU! Does no good to speak to an ocean, even sillier I know to do so in a digital atmosphere-LOL! Today Nevada is simply gorgeous! I’ll type it again… GORGEOUS! My winter here has been competing with the nostalgia of my winters in Hawai’i. I know it will never truly compare to my home back in paradise but this winter in Nevada is now topping the heart charts here with giving me…(continued in members area)