Posted April 16, 2012 by Kelley Maren in Guest Tour

Lift and Carry Tomiko Shoot

Dear Diary Nonsense,

Just got back from my short day of shooting with Tomiko and her girls.  It was a simple and fun lift and carry custom movie that we were happy to shoot for Tomiko.  Tomiko’s shoots are always a riot to participate in because the ladies she hires for her productions always have such great attitudes and are always so game to do whatever it takes to get the shots right.  In today’s scenarios Tomiko and I were the ones doing all the lifting and the other gals just laid there while we manipulated them like little rag dolls.  Their parts were easy!  🙂  Tomiko and I showcased our lift and carry abilities going up and down her long staircase and chatting about while we have our prey dangling from our shoulders.  A fun thing to note is that we did the first half of the lifting and carrying in our high heels.  Calf workout!  WOOHOO!

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