Posted November 12, 2012 by Kelley Maren in 3 Day Access Pass

My Carnival Cruise Holiday to Mexico 2012

My first cruise! A photo of me with my sister-in-law.

Dear Friends,

First off, I must apologize for the past wednesday and friday update was delayed as you may already have noticed.  I was aboard a Carnival Cruise Ship called Splendor for my Mexico Riviera holiday trip and the satelite signal for the internet just wasn’t going to get things done.  Alas I have dragonlily.net now caught up in updates and I truly do apologize.  In case some of you weren’t aware or didn’t read it before signing up on my entry page of dragonlily.net, I run this site entirely on my own and so I needed a holiday and while on it things didn’t work out the way I had planned for the little work I needed to do in order to keep you all happy.  Oops!  This holiday was my treat to myself for all the hard work I had put into making this site.  It was an amazing holiday and one that I will not forget soon, if ever.  Last month dragonlily.net had it’s 10th birthday as a membership site.  😀  WOOHOO!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to dragonlily.net, my work home on the web.

Now on to share the details of my holiday in Mexico and aboard the Splendor.  This was my first time doing both Mexico and a cruise ship.  Let me begin by telling you that…